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Graphic design

We can design from scratch. Get the design you Love; Logo design, Graphic Design and Business card Design.

IT Support

We provide consultations and technical support services on all major Linux distributions including Ubuntu,RedHat, SuSE and Sun Solaris Servers.


We offer you ease of customization and content Migration from HTML to New CMS.

IT Consulting Services

 The conventional standards of dealing with everything, from daily life to businesses to offices have undergone a huge paradigm shift as the digital technology intruded our lives. Today the organizations require tech expertise for every department like Finance, HR etc.

Custom Software Development

The truth remains that not every shoe is made to fit in your foot. It should be designed according to the shape and size of your foot exclusively. In order to make your life easier, Datacompute Consulting can present you customized software development services for your organizational problems. These softwares are tailored to suit your needs, discarding the extra features that come with the usual generalized software, thus enhancing efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the software. Datacompute Consulting can make you achieve your targets in a better manner thus making you stand out among your contemporaries.

Programming Languages: C, C++,Java, Python, Perl.

Software Consulting

Our highly qualified technical consultants offer you an insight into the issues that plague your company. In order to improve the effectiveness and productivity of your services, our consultants help you in reaping the true benefits of the technology. For this detailed information technology based strategy and management processes are designed to provide high quality of IT based services. Our consultants provide valuable counsel regarding what platforms, tools and framework relating to IT and software must be chosen. Datacompute consulting can make detailed analysis of the needs and functions of your company before presenting you a comprehensive solution.

Scripts: MYSQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, Python Scripting, Ruby on the Rails.

Custom Software Solutions

The businesses today need to make intelligent choices so as to save time and concentrate their efforts on the real issues whereby they can achieve their goals. Our operational and supporting software solutions work towards making your life easier. Often the businesses require some round the clock consulting services especially if the processes are critical to business. Our software solutions are adept to evolution with the business plan and ultimate goals. Our applications are built on complementary Web technologies,including HTML, CSS,Java EE, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, XML, Web Services, SOA and UML

Website Design & Development.

The development of websites on the latest platforms allows seamless website surfing experience to the visitors and state of the art web design to the companies.

We specialize in Custom Web Development , with business requirements in mind, We can help you create New or redesign your Website, and Migrate HTML websites to either Joomla or WordPress.

Web Technologies: HTML5 , CSS,JavaScript,ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, JQuery ,Content Management Systems (Joomla, WordPress), Magento.

Mobile Application Development

The businesses and organizations today require a customized yet professional website which provides integrated Mobile Apps. This is considered a standard today which cannot be compromised on. All the leading businesses today try to offer their customers and clients an unparalleled and seamless on-line experience through their Mobile Apps.

Platforms: IOS , Android, Windows phones.

Systems Integration

Our system integration services provide support to the organizations in order to solve their business issues all the while enhancing the innovation capabilities of the company so as to provide better services in an effective manner. Our vast integrated systems experience, profound industry knowledge and qualified personnel take your systems to a next level of efficiency and effectiveness.

We provide expert consultations and technical support services on all major Linux distributions including RedHat, SuSE, Debian and Ubuntu.

Scripts: Perl and Bash Scripting for server system Automation.


About us

We offer a broad array of services ranging from, Web Development ,Software development, E-Commerce Solutions and Server Maintenance Services.Datacompute has successfully delivered integrated Web technology solutions to organizations around the united states. We can help you make the most out of your investment, and with ourlower rates, you will never be surprised.

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